King Diamond Plans To Release His New Album Before Mercyful Fate’s New Album

During a recent interview with Creem, King Diamond offered updates on his new solo album and the upcoming Mercyful Fate album. The fontman says his record will likely arrive before Mercyful Fate’s record.

Diamond said the following about his new album:

“We’re working on it. Brian Slagel at Metal Blade [Records, Diamond’s label] said he wants the King Diamond album to be released first. We’re not going to change things just because everything has been postponed, and now it’s Mercy playing live. [King Diamond guitarist] Andy [LaRocque] sent me eight songs of his for the King Diamond album, but that’s maybe enough for his share for two albums. The story will be over two albums. I don’t even think “Masquerade of Madness” [the King Diamond single released in 2019] will be on the album. It’ll be all new songs.”

“It’s going to be totally asylum 1930s, the pioneering of experimenting with human beings, medically, and all this sick shit like that. We want to do some stuff onstage… I don’t want to say it now because it has to be a surprise. But it’s going to be very horror. When this is done with Mercy here, we will focus 150% on King Diamond, getting it all done and recorded.”

He also added the following about the new Mercyful Fate album:

“When it comes, I don’t know, but definitely a new album. There’s another song we’re working on. I won’t say the title right now, but it’s really cool. It’s not nine minutes long like “The Jackal of Salzburg”. We could play it, but we are not doing that. It’s very theatrical. And I have lots of lyrics and lyric pieces done for quite a few other songs. Hank has sent me stuff, and it’s just like the old days. He says, “Use whatever you want. Put your touch on it, and then it’s Mercyful Fate.” Of course, his touch is important, too—together it’s Mercyful Fate.”

He continued when asked if it will be about witchcraft:

“It could. I mean, the other song we’re working on is pretty much witches on their way to the sabbath. We have the album title and the cover art as well. It’s very Mercyful Fate, but we did not try to fuse Melissa and Don’t Break The Oath into a cover again. We did that with 9, but that’s where it should stop. I think it’s cheesy to keep doing that.”

The frontman also had the following to say when asked if the band are feeling any pressure:

“Not at all. I can’t fucking wait because of the style of music that we are doing. We’ve been listening to all the old stuff and trying to recapture more of that style. We’re playing all the old songs, and I can tell you it’s fucking inspiring us. So, it’s very much in that direction. It’s going to be full-on Melissa and Don’t Break The Oath, absolutely. I mean, we’re playing the first song live and it’s not even finished. It’s like, “so fucking what?””

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