Rings Of Saturn Digitally Release New Self-Titled Album

Rings Of Saturn have digitally released a new self-titled album. You can stream that effort below:

The group said the following:

“‼️ The Rings of Saturn Self Titled Full Length Album will be released tomorrow on all digital platforms just in time for our Cyber Shred Tour 2022! We will be playing most of the new album live on this tour along with some older fan favorite tracks as well! ‼️

Having just finished our new album this week, and unfortunately due to international vinyl shortages and other delays on physical media production in general, we will not have vinyl or CD’s of our new album on this tour. It was our priority to release this album before the tour for our fans digitally, and we plan on pressing vinyl and CD’s at a later date for everyone which will be available on IndieMerchstore in the future!

For now the best way to support the band is to come out to the Cyber Shred Tour 2022, and buy all of the new merch we just dropped for this tour and on Indiemerchstore! We are also restocking many of our older designs this week as well on our store! Tickets and store link below!

🔥 TICKET LINK 🔥 https://tinyurl.com/ROSTourDates

👽 STORE LINK 👽 https://ringsofsaturn.indiemerch.com/

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