Megadeth Officially Name James LoMenzo As Their Permanent Bassist

Megadeth have officially welcomed James LoMenzo back to the band as their permanent bassist. This news comes after the musician was previously serving as a fill-in following the departure of David Ellefson.

The group commented:

“Megadeth announce bass player James LoMenzo as a permanent member of the band. LoMenzo was Megadeth’s bass player in the mid-2000s and recently stepped back in as a touring member for The Metal Tour of the Year. LoMenzo now officially rejoins the Megadeth family.

Frontman Dave Mustaine added:

“I am thrilled to welcome back James to the Megadeth family. James rejoined the fold as the touring bassist and it’s been a blast having him back, we thought let’s make it permanent.”

LoMenzo continued:

“I’m so excited to rejoin Megadeth and move forward full steam into the next phase of this iconic band’s history! With Dave, Kiko and Dirk there’s no stopping us! It just feels great to be home again.”

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