Primus, Gogol Bordello, Etc. Members Release New Ukrainian Benefit Single “Zelensky: The Man With The Iron Balls”

Les Claypool (Primus) and Eugene Hütz (Gogol Bordello) have teamed up for a new Ukrainian benefit single titled “Zelensky: The Man With The Iron Balls.” The track, which also includes contributions from Stewart Copeland (The Police), Sean Lennon (The Claypool Lennon Delirium), Sergey Ryabtsev (Gogol Bordello), and Billy Strings, was released to raise money for Nova Ukraine.

Hütz told Rolling Stone the following:

“As soon as Russian aggression broke out, Les and I connected to address the catastrophe ASAP. We jumped on creating affirmative music that calls for unity and pays respect to the real doers in Ukrainian defense, such as President Zelensky, who demonstrated previously unheard of stamina and heroism. It is our way to show that heavyweights like Les, Stewart, Billy, and Sean stand with the people of Ukraine and the country’s sovereignty from the very start of Russian-led terror.”

Claypool went on to say that he contacted Hütz after finding out about the Russian invasion during a meal with some of his Polish friends:

“In that vodka-laced dialogue, we started mutually praising Zelensky for his surprisingly epic display of courage. ‘Zelensky has balls of steel!’ we agreed. It was then that we decided that some freaky ‘East meets West’ art needed to be thrown that way.”

He also added that the track “is not intended to be a song of condemnation” and that it is supposed to stand for “unity” :

“We now have a recording to help rally support for a bullied country, and a David versus Goliath-type man who stood up for their liberty, freedom, and homeland… [We’re] giving praise to a man who stepped up for his people beyond anything I’ve seen in my tenure on this planet. This unlikely fellow has grabbed the reins of leadership and held fast in such a way that the world is now galvanized in support.”

In addition to the single, the musicians will also be teaming up with Fandiem to raise more money for Nova Ukraine. Those that donate on April 22 will have a chance to win a trip to the “South Park” 25th anniversary concert at Red Rock Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO on August 10. Fans are also encouraged to submit footage of themselves clapping along to the song to

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