Steve Vai Premieres “Little Pretty” Music Video

Steve Vai has premiered a new video for his song “Little Pretty.” This track is from his new album “Inviolate,” which will be released on January 28 (vinyl out March 18).

Vai commented:

“In writing the chord changes for the solo section, and the solo itself, I dug deep into my academic music theory mind to create a set of chord changes where the harmonic atmosphere shifted on every change. The dense chord structures required a series of synthetic modes to navigate. This approach is along the lines of jazz and fusion players, but I knew I did not want it to sound anything like that and the solo had to be totally melodic. The results were pretty powerful in that the entire solo section evokes melodic atmospheric changes that shift dramatically but work together well.”

He also added:

“I am also wishing all a very happy and restful holiday season. You will need it because I predict in 2022, we will all be out there working together again and blowing up that bridge!”

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