Sevendust Share Justin Deblieck‘s Remix Of “What You’ve Become”

Sevendust have shared Justin Deblieck‘s remix of “What You’ve Become.” This track is from the digital deluxe edition of “Blood & Stone,“ which will be released on December 10.

“Blood & Stone” Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

01. “Dying To Live”
02. “Love”
03. “Blood From A Stone”
04. “Feel Like Going On”
05. “What You’ve Become”
06. “Kill Me”
07. “Nothing Left To See Here Anymore”
08. “Desperation”
09. “Criminal”
10. “Against The World”
11. “Alone”
12. “Wish You Well”
13. “The Day I Tried To Live”
14. “Dying To Live” (Jake Bowen remix)
15. “Kill Me” (Richard Wicander remix)
16. “What You’ve Become” (Justin deBlieck remix)
17. “All I Really Know”
18. “What You Are”

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