Devin Townsend To Digitally Release New Albums “The Puzzle” & “Snuggles” Tomorrow

Devin Townsend has announced that he will be digitally releasing his new albums, “The Puzzle” and “Snuggles,” tomorrow (December 3). Physical copies are expected to arrive at a later date.

“The Puzzle” Track Listing:

01. “Chromatic Ridge”
02. “Life Is But A Dream”
03. “Yucky Lung”
04. “Kittenhead”
05. “Shark In The Ice”
06. “Devil In The Details”
07. “Hammerhead Sugarplum”
08. “Me And The Moon”
09. “Anxiety In Pyjamas”
10. “The Yugas”
11. “Albert Hall”
12. “Starchasm”
13. “Perfect Owl”
14. “Maybe Over The Void”
15. “Light Year Whale”
16. “FrogFlowers”
17. “Mother”
18. “Southern Sky Geometry”
19. “The Puzzle”
20. “Monuments Of Glitch”

“Snuggles” Track Listing:

01. “Beyond Measure”
02. “Blue Dot”
03. “Drifting And Dreaming”
04. “Sundance”
05. “Minds Are Changing”
06. “The Ocean”
07. “Distant, Elegant”
08. “Replikiss”
09. “I Agree”
10. “Tryst”
11. “Sunset Rump”
12. “The Option”

Pre-orders can be found HERE. Among them is a set featuring an accompanying film that can be viewed on a built-in 7″ screen.

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