ten56. (Ex-Betraying The Martyrs, Etc.) Premiere “Kimo” Music Video

ten56. (ex-Betraying The Martyrs, etc.) have premiered a new video for their new song “Kimo.“ This track is from the band’s new EP “Downer Part 1,” which was released today (November 25). Frontman Aaron Matts commented:

“‘Kimo‘ is a track that we back-and-forthed internally on for so long, before eventually coming to the conclusion that with the right execution, sometimes less is more and also that more is always more *laughs*; we knew that we needed to push the bar to the very limit in how heavy we wanted this song to be, and felt that the visuals the track demanded would couple perfectly with the release of Downer Part.1 – We intended this first record to be listened to at full volume, from front to back, and for the user to really slip into a sense of claustrophobic discomfort and invest their energy into finding the many nuances of production that we spent so much time finding to take this record just one head above what is commonly found elsewhere. Please enjoy, and our appreciation for those that have taken the time is endless. Thank you.”

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