Brandon Boyd Offers Updates On Upcoming Solo Album And New Incubus Material

During a recent interview with NME, Brandon Boyd confirmed that he is planning to release a new solo album titled “Echoes And Cocoons” in February. The effort’s first single will be released on November 19. In other news, the frontman also revealed that Incubus are “hoping to have [a new release] done sometime by spring.”

Boyd said the following about his new solo record:

“I was feeling very brave one afternoon after listening to Angel Olsen’s ‘All Mirrors‘ album, which is so good, and I was like, ‘Who produced this? It sounds so amazing’, I looked it up and it was this guy John Congleton. He’s produced for everyone but somehow escaped me up until this point. I was like, ‘I’m just gonna reach out to this dude and see what he’s doing.’ So I did and he’s like, ‘Nothing. What are you doing?’ And I said, ‘You want to write some songs together?’ Then six months later we have a full solo record with original material and two covers on it. It’s really cool. It’s a very different record for me. And we did it before even meeting in person. We just we did it over the phone, it’s a full COVID record. It was awesome.”

He also added the following about Incubus’ plans:

“We went out and did some shows and we’re all rehearsed up and ready to play. Our intention is to put together a new group of songs, whether it’ll be an EP or an LP, I’m not sure, but we’re hoping to have that done sometime by spring – but there’s a lot of hope in that statement.”

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