Bad Wolves & Tommy Vext Reach Legal Settlement

According to Billboard, Bad Wolves have officially reached a legal settlement with their ex-frontman Tommy Vext. As a result, the group will be free to release music and tour under the Bad Wolves moniker, while Vext will be free to release new music independently or through a new label.

The two parties issued a joint statement:

“Bad Wolves and its co-founder John Boecklin, alongside their label Better Noise, manager 10th Street Entertainment, and publisher 5-19, have collectively resolved their disputes with Tommy Vext. A partnership can sometimes lead to divorce. Artists have creative differences and argue over songs, credits, and much more; however, if both sides believe in their own talents, they find a path to go their separate ways.

This is a settlement with no winners and no losers; it’s beneficial to everyone in order to move on and bury the hatchet. This is a new beginning and a bright future for all those concerned. We’re all excited to get back to what’s important, and that’s the music. Bad Wolves and Tommy wish each other the best going forward, and ask that their fans respect this decision.”

As previously reported, Better Noise Music previously sued Vext for copyright infringement after he allegedly posted unreleased music videos and recordings without permission. The lawsuit came after the singer filed his own lawsuit against Better Noise CEO Allen Kovac. In that complaint, Vext claimed that the manager tried to have him removed from Bad Wolves due to his right-wing and conspiracy theory beliefs. He also claimed that Kovac tried to purchase the Bad Wolves trademarks from him and that he tried to get radio and streaming services to stop playing the group’s songs in an effort to cancel his music career. He also accused Kovac of using racial slurs.

For his part, Kovac denied the allegations saying that “Vext, a self-proclaimed QAnon supporter, has dragged us into a ridiculous, unfounded narrative that falsely paints him as a victim.” The band also had some choice words for the frontman saying “desperate people do desperate things

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