Better Noise Music File Lawsuit Against Former Bad Wolves Singer Tommy Vext Over Copyright Infringement

Better Noise Music have filed a lawsuit against ex-Bad Wolves singer Tommy Vext due to copyright infringement. The suit, which also names Five Nineteen Music Publishing Inc. and 10th Street Entertainment as plaintiffs, was filed after the frontman allegedly posted unreleased music videos and recordings without permission.

The plaintiffs claim that Vext engaged in copyright infringement when he began posting unapproved cover songs on Bad Wolves’ Patreon account. They went on to say that he has since continued to post unauthorized content on Instagram and OnlyFans. The following was also said in the complaint [via]:

“Motivated by greed and his oversized ego, Vext claimed that he owns Bad Wolves and has a right to block the remaining members from recording and releasing music under the name Bad Wolves.”

The following was also added about Vext‘s decision to tour under the moniker “TOMMY VEXT AND THE B@D W8LV3S

“Vext‘s retaliatory conduct is getting worse by the day. Now, he is promoting his own ‘tour’ using the confusingly similar name ‘B@D W8LV3S’ in a blatant attempt to confuse concertgoers into thinking this is an approved tour.”

Furthermore, the plaintiffs say that Vext also violated a written agreement he signed in 2017 through his actions and behavior. That agreement also allegedly gives them rights to the Bad Wolves trademark.

Vext‘s attorney Malcolm S. McNeil has since responded:

“From the timing of the complaint, it is clear that the New York action is intended to deflect from the allegations in the LASC complaint. Our complaint was filed weeks ago and this was the response. Tommy was retaliated against by [Better Noise CEO and band manager Allen Kovac] and his entities, for his political views. It is our view that Mr. Kovac breached his duties and responsibilities to Tommy as his manager.”

As alluded to above, this news comes after Vext filed a lawsuit against Kovac after he allegedly wanted to remove him from Bad Wolves due to his right-wing and conspiracy theory beliefs. Vext also claimed that Kovac tried to purchase the Bad Wolves trademarks from him and that he tried to get radio and streaming services to stop playing the group’s songs in an effort to cancel his music career. He also accused Kovac of using racial slurs. For his part, Kovac denied the allegations saying that “Vext, a self-proclaimed QAnon supporter, has dragged us into a ridiculous, unfounded narrative that falsely paints him as a victim.”

[via The PRP]

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