Doro Pesch To Guest On Lita Ford’s New Album

During a recent interview with The Metal Voice, Doro Pesch revealed that she will be guesting on Lita Ford’s new album. She said the following:

“I just did something with Lita Ford, like, a year ago. I got this [‘Metal Hall Of Fame’] award… I could give her this award. I got it one year before. Actually, in Wacken [Germany at the Wacken Open Air festival], the American guys came over. They flew to Wacken and I got this beautiful award. Oh, it was so awesome. And then I could give it to Lita Ford one year later. And we said, ‘We’ve gotta do something [together].’ Because we know each other from the early ’80s. We did many photo sessions [together] and had many laughs. And we did actually something nice in the studio. And it will be on her record eventually. Yeah, we did something.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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