Periphery’s Misha Mansoor Releases New Bulb Song “Upload Apathy”

Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor has shared a new song, titled “Upload Apathy,” from his Bulb project. That track is from Bulb’s new album “Moderately Fast, Adequately Furious,” which will be released on July 16.

Mansoor commented:

“The first of two electronic songs that bring in the last section of the album. I have been playing around more and more with electronic stuff. I have always loved it and have been fascinated by it. But as evidenced by the Electronic Bulb Archive, I really didn’t have much skill, especially when it came to mixing or sound design.

The Four Seconds Ago album that I did with Jake, aside from being a ton of fun to work on, was also a learning experience and a concerted effort to try to work on those aspects. This song was actually written after Download Happiness, which is the track that follows, but I enjoyed exploring a similar vibe to that song with a twist.

If Download Happiness is more straightforward, this is a bit more about experimenting with odd rhythms and syncopation in a similar context. Of course these two songs share some themes, most notably the top line that appears in both. Fun Fact: This song features a good mixture of analog synths and digital synths in the box.

The analog synths were captured as they were recorded. So if I wanted something to be slightly tweaked, I’d have to do another pass, meaning you really commit to what you put down. I kinda like that.”

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