Angel Du$t Release “Bigger House” EP

Angel Du$t (Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile) have released a new EP titled “Bigger House.“ The effort features tracks from their “Lil House” and “Never Ending Game” EPs, along with two new songs.

“Bigger House” Track Listing:

01. “Love Is The Greatest”
02. “All The Way Dumb”
03. “Turn Off The Guitar”
04. “Lil House”
05. “Never Ending Game”
06. “Never Ending Game” (Panda Bear remix)
07. “Never Ending Game” (Lunice remix)

You can check out the two new songs, “Love Is The Greatest” and “All The Way Dumb,” below. Vocalist/guitarist Justice Tripp commented:

“…Wrote these songs and they’re pimp and chill at the same time. Rob Schnapf is my uncle now and Shlohmo was kind enough to jump behind the turntables like DJ Lethal for ‘Love Is The Greatest.’ I hope you fuck it up in the pit.”

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