Diamante Premieres “Ghost Myself” Video

Diamante has premiered a new video for her song “Ghost Myself.” This track will appear on her upcoming album “American Dream.”

Diamante told Alternative Press the following about the song:

“When I first started writing “Ghost Myself,” I wanted to brutally and honestly expose my struggles with being my own worst critic, hating aspects of myself and even wishing that I could escape myself. I wrote it with the intent of taking this difficult material and turning it into a hard-hitting and empowering anthem. I wanted a Rob Zombie/Nine Inch Nails feel to it, sonically. Now that it’s out, I think the song really did achieve that cool juxtaposition, where the music is energetic and almost dance-like, while the lyrics are super dark and cynical.”

She also added the following about the video:

“The inspiration for the video came from me wanting to physically depict my internal battle with myself in kicks and punches. Cinematically, the video is definitely inspired by the film Fight Club. I knew I wanted the energy of the video to match that same gritty energy of the song. The idea to have a female fight club came from my own bad habit of suppressing my anger and keeping my emotions bottled in. Anger and physical aggression in women isn’t really encouraged. We are taught to deny and hide these feelings that are actually pretty natural. When we do show aggression, we’re taught to feel shame or guilt. I loved the idea of doing a female fight club because it gave us an avenue to release any bottled-up aggression we had in a healthy but badass way.”

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