GWAR To Release Acoustic EP “The Disc With No Name”

GWAR will be releasing a new acoustic EP titled “The Disc With No Name” on May 28. The effort will feature acoustic versions of “Fuck This Place,” “Gonna Kill You,” “I’ll Be Your Monster,” and “The Road Behind.” You can stream “Fuck This Place” below. Blóthar The Berserker commented:

“During the quarantine of 2020 I spent long, lonely days with my hand down my pants, hiding out in a fortress made entirely of rolls of toilet paper, drinking hand sanitizer and watching ‘1000-Lb Sisters’… which is business as usual for me. So I was relieved when I got the call to lay down some vocals on ‘The Disc With No Name.’ We recorded this record over the telephone, which was fine with me, because I can’t stand to be in the same room as the other members of GWAR.”

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