Dave Mustaine Says Megadeth’s New Album Will Include A Cover Song

Dave Mustaine has offered an update on the new Megadeth album, while also revealing that the effort will include a cover song. The frontman said the following about the record during a recent episode of “The Dave Mustaine Show” on Gimme Radio:

“Lyrics, all done. Singing, almost all done. Guitar solos, in the process. And all the other little things that go on the record — the ear candy, the background vocals, the keyboards and percussion stuff — is also going down as we speak. [We’re] getting solos sent from Finland by Kiko [Loureiro], which is a really cool thing. And I just got a really cool lyric from David Ellefson sent over. Now it’s my job to finish writing his lyric and make it into a song. And then that is going to be the last lyric on the record. So I’m pretty stoked. And I can’t wait to tell you what cover song we chose for this record. I’ll tell you soon. I think you’ll get it. I’ve been giving you guys hints for a while. But I haven’t really let anybody know.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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