Lacey Sturm Premieres “State Of Me” Video

Lacey Sturm (ex-Flyleaf) has premiered a new song titled “State Of Me.” The singer co-wrote the track with Skillet’s John and Korey Cooper and an official video for it can be found below:

Sturm commented

“Choosing life is violent in that we reject every subtle form of suicide, every eternal death choice that would try to disorient, distract and seduce us away. Eternal life starts in our soul. So look at the state of it. And if you see eternal death, be violent against it, cut off every temporary thing that would bring that into your heart and reach out and cling to eternal life, even if it costs you this temporary one.”

“During times of loss, it’s obvious that what we see is temporary. We have to accept that. But what lingers after loss is what we can’t see. That is eternal. What really matters is love, faith, the spirit. The soul. When I focus there, on the eternal things, I find a tremendous resolve to protect what matters most.”

[via Loudwire]

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