Bad Wolves Frontman Tommy Vext Denies Domestic Violence Accusations

Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext has officially commented on the domestic violence allegations that were made against him by his ex-girlfriend Whitney Johns. The frontman claimed that the accusations are “not true.”

Vext told MetalSucks the following:

“The allegations made against me by my former girlfriend are not true. Given the ongoing civil dispute between us, I am not at liberty to say any more at this time. I look forward to resolving this matter in court.”

He also commented on Twitter:

He seemingly addressed the situation on Instagram as well:

“Anyone who’s come to our shows can tell you how seriously I stand against suicide & self harm. For many years of my recovery I have been outspoken about my past struggles and how I came to overcome depression & suicidal ideation through helping others.

We all know that we are living in strange times in 2020. People are scared, angry and financially desperate.

Some people can become so financially desperate that they hurt themselves. This is not a solution. Some become so financially desperate that they try and hurt others or take what is not theirs. This is also not the solution.

As we grow in our success we will see that sometimes other people will attempt to hurt or extort us, but we do not have to retaliate. We can keep our dignity and personal power intact by simply detaching with love.

Often people lie this desperate aught to be treated like a drowning victim. They can grab onto you and pull you under in an attempt to save themselves.
We do not need to lower ourselves to keep their heads above water. Can have compassion for them without engaging or consigning their behavior.

We say no thank you & we keep it moving. We observe “NO” as a complete sentence as we continue to focus on our responsibilities & healthy relationships.

Sending Love tonight to anyone who is hurting. Thinking of hurting themselves or hurting someone else. You don’t have to act on it. One day at a time.”

As previously reported, Johns claimed that Vext assaulted her multiple times. This includes a number of disturbing incidents in which he allegedly hit her in the face, dragged her by the hair, put her in a chokehold, and more. The next court hearing is expected to take place today (December 9).

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