Bad Wolves Frontman Tommy Vext Accused Of Domestic Violence

Bad Wolves’ Tommy Vext (aka Thomas Cummings) has been accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend Whitney Johns. MetalSucks got ahold of various documents that were filed in the Superior Court of California in which Johns claimed that the frontman assaulted her multiple times. This includes hitting her in the face, dragging her by the hair, putting her in a chokehold, and more. A domestic violence restraining order filed against Vext in April has since been partly approved and the case is still moving through the courts.

MetalSucks detailed some of the disturbing incidents:

“On January 1, 2020, Johns alleges, Vext “struck [her] in the face… hard enough that [she] cut the inside of her lip and her nose and [her] lips were bleeding profusely.” She claims that Vext then took her to her home, “refused to leave her residence, then choked her as he verbally threatened to kill her.” Johns’ “lips were swollen and bruised for the next three days and she was forced to cancel all Client meetings as a result.

She alleges that he hit her in the face again on January 14.

On February 29, Johns claims that as she was preparing for a photo shoot, she got into an argument with Vext, during which the singer threw water on her face — twice. When she “instinctively scratched [Vext] in self-defense,” he became angrier and “tackled her to the ground, put his hands around her neck, and choked her while slamming her head into the ground [for] ten to fifteen seconds,” nearly rendering her unconscious. Subsequently, Johns went to stay with her mother in Utah, “as she feared for her life, and missed a week’s worth of work appointments as a result.” This, according to Johns, marked the end of her romantic relationship with Vext.’

“On April 10, 2020, [Vext] called [Johns] and stated that he wanted to kill himself and begged her to come to his residence. Feeling guilty and concerned, [Johns] went to [Vext’s] residence to console him. The parties watched a movie and [Johns] stayed overnight; the parties were not intimate.

“On April 11, 2020, [Vext] asked [Johns] why they could not resume their dating relationship. [Johns] attempted to leave [Vext’s] residence but he blocked the door and stated he wanted to finish the conversation with her. [Vext] is 6’ 1” tall and approximately 260 pounds.

“When [Johns] attempted to calm [Vext], he mentioned a male friend of [Johns’] and lunged at her. She fell off the couch where she was sitting as [Vext] began to choke her. [Johns] screamed as the windows were open and she hoped that the neighbors would hear her. [Vext] then grabbed [Johns] by the hair and dragged her into his bedroom where he placed her in a chokehold.

[Johns] almost lost consciousness when [Vext] appeared to realize what he was doing and let her go. [Johns] quickly collected her belongings and left the residence. [Vext] left visible finger marks on [Johns’] neck, and bruises on her chin and neck. [Johns] suffered from swollen knots on her head and had neck pain for several days after the incident.

“[Johns] immediately went to the local police station which was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic but called the police who responded with paramedics. The police went to [Vext’s] residence but he had left; when they called [Vext], he stated that he was with his lawyer. An Emergency Protective Order was issued on April 11, 2020 due to this incident, but it could not be served to [Vext] as he could not be located.”

Vext has yet to comment on the allegations and the next hearing is reportedly scheduled for tomorrow (December 9). You can read more over at MetalSucks.