Sol Invicto’s Richie Londres Comments On The Backlash Stephen Carpenter Received For His Conspiracy Theory Beliefs

As previously reported, Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter recently received backlash after admitting to being a flat earther and an anti-vaxxer, while also making false claims about COVID-19. The guitarist later addressed his comments, saying that he “never had the intent to upset anybody.” Now, Carpenter’s Sol Invicto bandmate Richie Londres has issued a new statement to defend him:

“Just wanted to say, on a flat plain or a globe or a donut, I stand with my brother @stefdodoubleg 🤟 all day long. Any “fans” or “news” sites getting their biscuits soggy over a random bit of chat on a podcast are having a laugh. I’ve watched Stephen be a gent to every single person he’s met and written some hall of fame level riffs in his time, even if you do think he is a mad-lad, so what? He’s not working for the WHO he’s a musician and frankly Stephen is one of the tiny minority of famous musicians who isn’t a total wanker, he’s a genuine dude and anyone who’s met him will confirm, he’s only annoyed me once, when he left the studio early to go to a birthday party, but I’ve since forgiven him so that’s fine now. All the best, Richie #istandwithsteph #golfearth”

[via The PRP]

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