Chris Fehn Officially Drops His Lawsuit Against Slipknot

Accoring to Rock Feed, Chris Fehn has officially dropped his lawsuit against Slipknot. This news comes after it was recently reported that the case was heading to mediation for a possible settlement.

The following was said in a document that was filed with the New York Supreme Court:

“Plaintiff CHRISTOPHER FEHN, by and through his undersigned counsel, and pursuant to NY CPLR § R3217(1), hereby affirms that the above-entitled action, be and the same is, hereby discontinued as against ALL DEFENDANTS, with prejudice and without costs to any party and this notice may be filed with the Clerk of the Court without further notice.”

As previously reported, Fehn was kicked out of Slipknot in March 2019 after filing a lawsuit against M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan and Corey Taylor for allegedly operating and making money on Slipknot affiliated businesses behind his back with assistance from their business manager Robert Shore. The claim against Shore was previously dismissed, but the claim against his company, Rob Shore & Associates, was originally allowed to proceed.

Fehn was also previously saying that there was a general partnership that existed between the members of the band. However, that claim and the enrichment claim were dismissed in June 2020. The case then entered mediation, before being withdrawn.

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