Deftones’ Chino Moreno On “White Pony” Remix Album “Black Stallion”: “It’s Basically The Record, But It’s Just Completely Been Taken Apart And Put Back Together”

During an interview with Mary Anne Hobbs for BBC Radio 6, Deftones frontman Chino Moreno discussed the upcoming “White Pony” remix album “Black Stallion.” According to him, the effort is “basically the record, but it’s just completely been taken apart and put back together.”

Moreno said the following [transcribed by The PRP]:

“It’s just been mastered, so it’s pretty much finished. Super, super proud of it. It could have very easily been this self-indulgent kind of thing, considering we picked a lot of artists to work on it that’s it not like your typical remix record.

It’s actually sequenced exactly like the ‘White Pony‘ record. So it’s basically the record, but it’s just completely been taken apart and put back together. It’s just a whole different animal, but the same record. So I’m pretty proud of it and I’m excited for people to hear it.”

He also added:

“It’s definitely electronic-based. When we were making the ‘White Pony‘ record at that time we were really influenced by a lot of… I think even listening to that record now, it’s very [much] a drum-forward album and I think it’s because we were sort of influenced by a lot of breakbeat kind of DJ style sort of music in general. Obviously DJ Shadow, he’s a part of it, and he was a big influence on that record.

Although obviously it’s a rock record, I think those undertones are in there. So it’s a lot of that, a lot of… I wish I could tell you some of the people involved in it. It’s an awesome list of people. I think we’re gonna have some sort of formal kind of release about who is involved in it soon here, hopefully.

But it’s actually [a] really eclectic sort of mix of people and like I said, some of the artists that we chose are artists that actually influenced us back then in making that record [‘White Pony‘]. So it’s come kind of full circle.”

“I will say that it’s not a contemporary electronic record. It draws from those early 2000s sort of influences as far as the beats and electronics. It really feels cohesive and that what’s kind of cool because it’s eleven different people, but yet it sounds like a cohesive piece of work so I’m really, really excited.”

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