Deftones’ Chino Moreno Says The “White Pony” Remix Album “Black Stallion” Has Already Been Mastered

Deftones previously revealed that they were working on a “White Pony” remix album titled “Black Stallion” and now it looks like that effort has already been mastered. Chino Moreno told Spin the following about that:

“The record’s just been mastered, and it’s fucking brilliant. It could have been a little self-indulgent — it’s a record based off another record that’s people already like, so it would easy to fuck up. Our initial idea was to have DJ Shadow remix the whole record. He said he would love to do a song, so he did a remix of ‘Digital Bath.’ The majority of the people we reached out to came back with excitement: ‘Oh, I love this song. Can I do this song?’ The record is sequenced exactly like ‘White Pony‘, so it kind of takes you on a journey in the same way but completely flipped upside-down.”

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