Thomas Youngblood Says Kamelot “Have More Material Than Ever” For Their Next Album

During a recent interview with A&P Reacts, Kamelot’s Thomas Youngblood offered an update on the writing process for the band’s new album. According to him, the group currently have 25 songs written for the effort.

Youngblood said the following

“We have, actually, 25 songs right now, which has never happened — never. So now we have to kill a lot of darlings for this album, which sucks. Actually, I have a Zoom call today with Tommy [Karevik] and Oliver [Palotai]. We’re gonna be discussing that very fact. ‘Cause we have to focus on 12, 13 songs. So, yeah, we have more material than ever. Some really cool stuff. I think a lot of what fans expect, but also a lot of cool new surprises.”

He continued:

“Having Tommy now as one of the songwriters has been killer; he’s coming out with really cool stuff. And then, of course, Oliver and myself, and having Alex [Landenburg] now as our drummer; he’s got a lot of cool ideas. What a cool guy Alex is. So, yeah, it’s gonna be exciting. We’re slowly putting all the parts together. We’re planning like things are gonna happen middle of next year. Let’s hope that happens. If not, at least we’ll be ready.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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