The White Swan (Kittie) Premiere “In Love And Ritual” Video

The White Swan, the band featuring Kittie’s Mercedes Lander, have premiered a new video for their new song “In Love And Ritual.” This track is from the group’s new EP “Nocturnal Transmission,“ which will be released on September 18. In addition to “In Love And Ritual,” that effort will also come with the title track, “Purple,” and a cover of Tracy Bonham’s “Tell It to the Sky.” Lander commented:

“‘In Love And Ritual‘ is about finding the person that completes you and the journey of realizing how having that person in your life teaches us to become brand new, kind of like a rebirth of feeling and emotional connection. I really wanted to create space with this song, keeping the roller coaster of dynamics in the forefront with a touch of chaos running in the background. Having the lyrics and melody build with the music and really complement each other.”

[via Revolver]

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