Mark Hunter Believes Chimaira Were The First Band To Use The “New Wave Of American Heavy Metal” Moniker

Chimaira are considered to be members of the “New Wave Of American Heavy Metal” scene alongside Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, etc. Considering this, Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter recently discussed the moniker on the “Talk Toomey Podcast” and said that he believes it may have originated from his band.

Hunter said the following:

“It’s one of those things, we did it during the ‘Pass Out‘ era—we had a t-shirt. Our sound guy at the time, Wedge, was a big Iron Maiden fan. And before we would play every night, we would be playing Iron Maiden over the loud speakers. So we just started making t-shirt ideas, like ‘oh, lets use the Iron Maiden font, what does our name look like there? And then lets just change it to ‘New Wave Of American Heavy Metal’ instead of ‘New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’, and just kinda having fun and that caught on.

I remember getting ‘New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’ albums when I was younger and it actually said it on some of those albums. They were letting you know it was like a brand almost. So when we released the CD single to the press and radio stations—and this was just kind of like the first few songs they could play before the album was released—it was called the ‘New Wave Of American Heavy Metal’ sampler. And to my knowledge, I mean unless someone can prove us wrong, I don’t believe that phrase exists before that t-shirt in 2001-2002.”

[via The PRP]

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