Evanescence Partner With HeadCount For Campaign To Promote Voter Registration And Easy Access To Voting

Evanescence have joined forces with HeadCount to help promote voter registration and easy access to voting as we get closer to the November 2020 election. As part of the campaign, the band have shared a new public service announcement featuring their new song “Use My Voice.” That track will be released on August 14.

Evanescence commented:

“COVID has made everything more challenging this year, including voting safely, but we can’t let anything stop us from using our voices. So we’re teaming up with HeadCount, a non-profit, non-partisan organization, to help make it easy to register to vote, check your existing registration to make sure it’s valid, and to get the latest information on how to vote safely where you live, including voting from home.

Go to www.UseMyVoice.org to get yourself vote-ready between now and September 30 and to get access to our free, private online performance in October. (Since this pertains to the upcoming US election this is strictly for our American fans. We love ALL our friends around the world and thank you for supporting a safe election process here in America).

Check out the PSA we launched today with HeadCount. It features a sneak peek of our new song, “Use My Voice” coming out August 14.

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or neither, your voice is part of what makes us who we are, and what makes this a free country. Don’t miss your chance to USE YOUR VOICE.”

Frontwoman Amy Lee also issued a statement:

“For many Americans, voting is too often an intimidating experience. We all saw the long lines in certain precincts in Georgia during their recent primary. Unfortunately, what happened there is not unique In America. It happens all the time, especially in underserved communities in our country. Now, add COVID into the mix and you have the perfect combination of factors to continue to suppress the voice of the people.

The ‘Use My Voice’ campaign is about empowering people to use their voice at the ballot box. Promoting easy access to registration and voting is not a Democratic or Republican issue — it’s an American issue and one we should all promote because there’s nothing more patriotic than supporting participation in our democratic process.”

HeadCount’s executive director Andy Bernstein added:

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Evanescence towards our goal of registering 200,000 new voters this election year. Their strong commitment, enormous fan base, and 25 million-strong social media following will help us accomplish great things.”

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