Steel Panther Have Eight Or Nine New Songs Written, May Release New EP In 2021

During a recent appearance on “Dr Gong’s Drumcast,” Stix Zadinia confirmed that Steel Panther have been working on new material during their coronavirus downtime. The group currently have about eight or nine songs written and are considering releasing a new EP in 2021.

Zadinia said the following:

“Satchel [guitar] has been on a writing tear. He’s writing these great songs. I wish I could even tell you the titles — they’re so good.”

He went on to talk about the possibility of a new EP:

“We’ve done five full-length records. We’re talking about doing EP, ’cause we can do that quicker. And then we can put out another EP sooner. Instead of waiting so long between putting something out, we can do it in a shorter span of time. And I also feel like because of the way music is consumed these days that there’s a lot of songs on a 10-song record that just don’t get attention.”

He also added the following when asked about release plans:

“I feel like it’s first quarter of next year, if we’re gonna do it. We’re writing — we’re writing our ass off. I’m actually gonna go out to Vegas and write with Satchel for a few days. He’s in Vegas, and we’re just gonna go jam and see what happens. He already has eight or nine songs that are done, and they’re bitching.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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