Y&T Share Alternate Version Of “If You Want Me” Focusing On Dave Meniketti’s “Raw” Vocal Performance

Y&T have shared an alternate version of their song “If You Want Me.” The band commented:

“This track is from the 2010 Y&T ‘Facemelter’ record and is mostly just Dave [Meniketti]’s vocal, with a little of the guitar mixed lower in the background. Dave was going to post this with only the vocal track, but thought this was a better musical representation of this raw performance. Taken directly from the record’s digital multi-track files with no Equalization, effects, or compression. You are hearing the raw performance, just as Dave heard it in his headphones, as he sang it. All the other tracks have been muted (Drums, other electric guitars, and bass. Just a peek into how this came together before Tom Size mixed the entire track.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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