Have Fans Finally Unmasked Slipknot’s “Tortilla Man”?

It appears fans may have finally unmasked Slipknot’s mysterious percussionist “Tortilla Man.” According to some Reddit users, the musician is Michael Pfaff, who previously joined percussionist M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan in Dirty Little Rabbits after the two were introduced to each other by DJ Sid Wilson.

Fans made the discovery after guitarist Jim Root offered some more info on the percussionist during an interview on The Art And Span Show [via Metal Injection]:

“He’s a character, man. I didn’t really know him very well before he started playing with us. But he’s a hell of a musician, man. The guy is a world-class pianist; he’s a great percussionist; he is schooled in music. He’s not just a garage musician who came up and learned on his own. He obviously had natural ability, but he took it to another level and actually got a degree in music. So the guy is next level.”

The pianist comment in particular led to Pfaff, who played both keyboards and organ in Dirty Little Rabbits.

Furthermore, he has a similar build to the percussionist and some fans have also found members of his immediate family on social media, who happen to be following “#tortillaman” and other related hashtags.