Shavo Odadjian On The Possibility Of New System Of A Down Music: “Why It Isn’t Happening Is A Big Question”

Shavo Odadjian recently discussed the possibility of new System Of A Down music once again during an appearance on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation.” According to the bassist, “creative differences” are continuing to stand in the way of new material.

Odadjian said the following [transcribed by Blabbermouth]:

“We haven’t made a record for 12 years. We do play live still. We do tour — not as often as I would like to. But I am blassed for being able to still do it. When we’re put together, the four of us, we’re not hating on each other — we hang out; we have a good time. It’s just we haven’t made music together. Which is kind of frustrating, I’ll be honest. ‘Cause I know we can make ‘the bomb’ music together.”

He also added the following when asked if there are any pieces of music that have been written for a possible new album:

“Yeah, there are. No recordings. Two years ago, we got together, the three of us — minus Serj, because, at the time, he was doing a lot of solo stuff, and we were, like, ‘We don’t wanna wait around. Let’s just get in there and see what we can do.’ And we got in and wrote about 10 or 11 songs. Daron brough seven or eight songs, and I brought four or five ideas in that become songs, and they became songs — minus Serj’s vocals, of course. It was really good. It came out really great. And I hope to one day go back to those and use some of Serj’s stuff. I know Serj’s got some stuff.”

He continued after being pressed about the group’s inability to make new music:

“In my world, man, why it isn’t happening is a big question. I think we can get over anything, ’cause it’s not like someone’s done anything so horrible that we can’t get over it. It ain’t anything like that. It’s just creative differences that are lasting a little too long for me, for my taste.

It’s been so long, I don’t even remember why we’re not [able to make new music] at this point. I really would love to have done it. Like I said, if it was up to me, we would have never stopped. We would have been on our probably ninth or tenth record now.”

These latest comments come after Daron Malakian previously made headlines in July 2018 after basically saying Serj Tankian was the one standing in the way of a new album. Tankian then responded with a lengthy statement to offer a more detailed explanation as to why the band haven’t created new music. Odadjian then chimed in by saying the group aren’t fighting and that they actually “have material that tops everything [they’ve] done.” However, Tankian then shot that down saying nothing has changed since the original public dispute. More recently, Malakian said he doesn’t think the band will make a new record anytime soon and that the group “don’t necessarily see eye to eye” with Tankian.

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