Shavo Odadjian On Possible New System Of A Down Album: “We Have Material That Tops Everything We’ve Done”

Back in July, Daron Malakian made headlines after he essentially said Serj Tankian is the one standing in the way of a new System Of A Down album. Tankian then responded with a lengthy statement to offer a more detailed explanation as to why the band haven’t created new music. Despite this, Shavo Odadjian has now told Consequence Of Sound that the group are not fighting and that they actually “have material that tops everything [they’ve] done.”

Odadjian said the following:

“I think so. I think we can. Nothing between us has happened that’s so terrible that people can’t get in the studio and work. Nothing! Everything is just [a matter of] taste, and they just gotta get in and forget the past, and kind of move forward. And I think that will happen. I’m not worried. I’m not worried at all.

Everything that you heard over the summer, that they kind of brought into public, was stuff that was in the past. That stuff happened a long time ago. So, it’s like, 10 years later, something new came up, but it wasn’t really new. It was something that was really old, and they were just hashing it out. Because one person did an interview, and I guess in the interview they paraphrased his words and it came off wrong. And I read that, too, and it wasn’t like him. He wouldn’t blame anyone.

I spoke with Daron, and he was like, ‘Dude, I didn’t say those things, I said it this way.’ Anyway, that kind of made someone else [Serj] think something, and then that person had to tell their point of view. It was just point of views.

We’re not even fighting. When we see each other, we’re so happy and we’re cool. It’s weird that we don’t have a new record, or many records, and it’s weird that we don’t go on world tours. We tour, but it’s so little.”

He also added the following when asked if he thinks it’s important for bands like System Of A Down to release new music in order to “help bring rock back to the forefront of music”:

“One-hundred percent! Bro, if it was up to me, we would have done that already. I think it kind of started with us singing that ‘Kill Rock N’ Roll‘ song, and then it kind of happened [laughs]. I would love to bring it back. And, can I be honest with you? Between you and me and this world, and to the people who read this interview, we have material that tops everything we’ve done. And that’s me telling you, honestly. I can’t wait to record that and drop it.

It’s just a matter of time. I just hope it happens sooner than later. But we’ve written stuff together. Daron’s brought a lot of stuff in. I’ve brought stuff to Daron and we’ve worked it out. I have so much more stuff that is ready to go out. I’ve told Daron this, too. I’ve said, ‘We’ve gotta get this done,’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah, I’d love to.’ So, we all want to, and I think Serj is kind of doing his own thing, and I get it.

I don’t think we owe it to anyone [to bring back rock music to the forefront], but it would be nice if we did that, because we’re capable of it.”


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