Lamb Of God Premiere New Lyric Video For “Ashes Of The Wake” B-Side “Another Nail For Your Coffin”

Lamb Of God have premiered a new lyric video for their “Ashes Of The Wake” b-side “Another Nail For Your Coffin.” This song and several previously unreleased demos are available as part of the 15th anniversary edition of “Ashes Of The Wake,” which was released today (May 3). The clip originally debuted on Loudwire, who are also running an interview with guitarist Mark Morton, who took some time to reflect on the record. He said the following about “Another Nail For Your Coffin” in particular:

“Sometimes the reason songs get left off really just comes down to a vote. As I recall, there was some apprehension after I introduced that song, musically. The outro is this really soaring, kind of melodic, almost major-key piece. At the time, I think that some of the band members were a little apprehensive about stepping out of our lane to that degree.”


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