Mark Morton On Upcoming Lamb Of God Album: “We All Wanna Make Sure It’s Something Really Exciting”

During a recent interview with Eddie Trunk, Mark Morton talked a bit about the upcoming Lamb Of God album. The band are currently writing material for the effort and the guitarist says they “all wanna make sure it’s something really exciting and something fresh.”

Morton said the following [via Blabbermouth]:

“We’re writing. We’ve got a bunch of new material coming together. Lots of new song ideas. We’ve been kind of in and out of studio doing pre-production, just songwriting. And there’s a lot of new material.”

“It feels good. It sounds like LAMB OF GOD. And we’ve got Randy [Blythe, LAMB OF GOD singer] on some stuff now, and it just sounds like fresh, new LAMB OF GOD. It’s exciting. And we’ve got some touring coming up with LAMB too — we’re doing three weeks back on the SLAYER tour in North America in May, and then we’re gonna take a little quick break and then head over to Europe and do some festivals over there. So [it will be] a busy year.”

He also added the following when asked if the group will release the album this year:

“It would be cool if it did, but right now, I’m just in such a creative mode, we all wanna make sure it’s something really exciting and something fresh and it is what it needs to be. So I’m less concerned with the timeline and more concerned [with] the material. But it is possible. I wouldn’t rule it out.”


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