Tobias Forge Says He’s Been Working On Ghost’s New Album For Months

During a recent interview with Billboard, Ghost’s Tobias Forge confirmed that he has been working on the band’s new album for months now and that he is planning to start the recording process early next year. This news comes after the frontman previously said he would probably enter the studio in spring 2020. He said the following about his progress:

“Luckily this time around I feel very certain as to what I want to do. I have tons of bits and pieces and stuff written, and I know that once I really start working that there’s going to be a record which feels very inspired. The dramaturgic nature of the records and the stories are getting more and more intertwined nowadays, which I like. It’s almost like working with a series, I guess; You have your characters and you can still fuck with them and add new things and take things away. You can do whatever you want, which is always enticing from a creative standpoint.”


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