Rotting Christ Premiere “Fire, God And Fear” Lyric Video

Rotting Christ have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Fire, God And Fear.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Heretics,” which will be released on February 15. Sakis Tolis commented:

“Dear metal brothers around! After almost three years of silence and countless hours of inner search, I can proudly announce, on behalf of the band, our fresh artistic worry that is represented in ‘Fire, God And Fear‘, taken from the upcoming opus ‘The Heretics‘. A song that definitely won’t create a clear opinion on how the new album will sound like, but shows the heretic and atmospheric approach we have chosen for creation. I hope you will enjoy our new album and until we cross paths mentally… Non Serviam brothers and sisters!”


One response to “Rotting Christ Premiere “Fire, God And Fear” Lyric Video

  1. I can’t wait! Rotting Christ is easily my second favorite black metal band after Mutiilation and I am hyped for the new full length! Thanks for posting this!