Dream Theater Confirm That They Will Be Performing “Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory” In Full On 20th Anniversary Tour

John Petrucci has confirmed that Dream Theater will be performing “Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory” in full on their upcoming 20th anniversary tour for the album. The group will also be playing a number of other songs, including tracks off their new album “Distance Over Time“ (out February 22).

Petrucci told Rolling Stone the following:

“…The tour is going to be “An Evening With,” and part of the evening will be playing some of the new record and some older songs in our catalog, and then also playing Scenes From a Memory in its entirety. So it going to be a lot of fun. And that was a really important record for us, speaking of storytelling and all that. Because it was our first concept record.”

Petrucci also talked a lot about the group’s new album in the chat. He said the following when asked about their decision to go for a heavier sound and a more succinct songwriting approach:

“A lot of it was due to the fact that we wanted to take a more organic approach to the recording process, and create a situation where you had all the instruments blaring together in a rehearsal room-type of setting. And I think when you do that, it lends itself to creating heavier music.

Because you have the guitar amp cranking, and then, you know, Mike [Mangini] hears that from across the room and he responds to that in his drumming, and then someone else hears what Mike’s doing and responds to that in his own playing. Everybody is interacting with one another musically. And that makes for a more powerful album.

At the same time, we also knew we wanted to do a bit of a shorter record, with more concise songs. We didn’t want to have three songs on the album. We wanted to have a bunch. So we kept it all very tight and focused.”


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