Disturbed Are Planning To Tour Less Frequently

During a recent interview with KROCK, David Draiman revealed that Disturbed are not going to be touring as frequently as they used to. He went on to say fans should go see them when they have the chance, because it will be awhile before they return to their cities again.

Draiman said the following:

“One thing I will caution everyone on is because we’re doing this tour the way that we are, because we’re doing arenas on our own, because we’re doing the two-hour-long set, because we’re targeting things the way that we are, it’s not gonna be as frequent as Disturbed used to be. So when it does happen, come, ’cause it may not be a year or two or three till we see you. So, come on out — be a part of it. Let’s make it a night to remember.”

He also added:

“The days of just the machine rolling and rolling and rolling are just past where we’re at as people, as individuals. We’re all family men now, and there’s a yin and yang. And not only that — but it’ll end up being healthier for everybody. I think that instead of people’s expectation that we’re coming around more often, if they view that we’re not coming around as often, then each time we do, it really becomes a celebration, it really becomes an event for everyone — like a big family reunion. So I think it’ll end up working out for the best.”

The band’s current tour dates can be found HERE.

[via Blabbermouth]


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