Ozzy Osbourne Says He Had Three Separate Staph Infections In His Thumb

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Ozzy Osbourne talked more about his recent hand infections and surgery. According to him, he had three staph infections in his thumb and one ended up spreading to his middle finger. The medical issues resulted in the cancellation of four shows, which have since been rescheduled.

Osbourne said the following:

“I didn’t feel sick, so I was cracking jokes. The doctor said, ‘I don’t know if you realize, Mr. Osbourne, this is a very serious problem you have.’ Sharon said, ‘Would you stop fucking making jokes?’ So I said, ‘Well, it’s my hand.’ The thing was, nobody was laughing. They’re all extremely, deadly serious about it. I judge it based on the expression and the body language of the doctor. If he comes in with a really solemn face, I go, ‘Oh, okay. My time to go is up.'”

He also talked about the actual procedures:

“You put your thumb in front of your face on your right hand, they went in by the side of the nail on the left side for the flesh under the nail. They cut all this stuff out. Even with the numbing stuff, it was agony. It wasn’t pus, but it was the stage after pus, when it gets in the blood and goes in your body and fucking kills you. It may sound fucked up what I’m saying to you, but he was really concerned about checking my blood.”

He also added:

“I haven’t been able to do anything. I’m right-handed. You can’t wipe your own ass. And I didn’t have many fucking volunteers who would do it for me.”


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