Wolvhammer Officially Confirm Jeff Wilson’s Departure

Wolvhammer have officially confirmed the departure of guitarist Jeff Wilson from their lineup. Jarrett Pritchard has been recruited to take his place. The band commented:

“After years of dedication and being a driving force of Wolvhammer Jeff decided it’s time for him to move on to other endeavours and we wish the best for him. Keep and ear out for his projects in the future. That being said, we would like to welcome Jarrett Pritchard of Pulchra Morte and the infamous Eulogy on guitar. You may have seen him with us at Psycho Las Vegas and the shows leading out. He is more than capable and had been a great friend for many years as well as a guest musician and engineer of The Monuments of Ash and Bone. The machine rolls on, slaves to the grime.”

[via Metal Injection]


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