Korn Frontman’s Wife Deven Davis Died From Toxic Mix Of Drugs

The cause of death for Deven Davis, the estranged wife of Korn’s Jonathan Davis, has officially been confirmed. According to TMZ, the 39-year-old passed away due to a toxic mix of drugs. The death has been ruled accidental. The following substances were found in her system: cocaine, heroin, clonazepam (a sedative used to treat seizures or anxiety), topiramate (nerve pain medication) and fluoxetine (used to treat depression). Deven married the singer back in 2004 and the couple had two children. Jonathan then filed for divorce back in October of 2016. TMZ previously reported that he also filed a domestic violence restraining order against Deven, just before her death, due to her drug use, which he believed was causing the children emotional harm through neglect. After Deven’s death, Jonathan issued a statement in which he opened up about her battle with mental health issues.


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