Raven’s New Album Is “Pretty Much Done”

During an interview with Mark Taylor of Record Collector, Raven revealed that they are almost done with their new album. The effort will be the band’s first with new drummer Mike Heller. Furthermore, the group confirmed that they will be releasing a new live album as well.

Bassist/vocalist John Gallagher said the following about the new album:

“We have a new album in the can, which features this lunatic” — referring to Heller — “very heavily. We’re very excited about it. It’s definitely a jump forward. There’s some very fast music on it, but it’s very quirky and melodic at the same time, so there’s a real dichotomy in that, which is always in the best RAVEN music anyway.”

Guitarist Mark Gallagher added:

“Actually, the record needs a little fine-tuning, some mixing, but it’s pretty much done.”

As for the live album, John said:

“We were shocked when we heard the tapes. [We thought] ‘Woah! This is pretty damn good.'”

Mark also chimed in:

“Live albums these days aren’t really live, because there’s an ability now with the technology to go in and redo stuff and fix stuff. And this record, the live album, is completely live, other than that John breaks his bass string, so we had to replace the bass on one song. But the rest of the record is completely [live] — warts and all.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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