Ozzy Osbourne Drops AEG Lawsuit After Company Ends Block Booking Policy

According to Billboard, Ozzy Osbourne’s attorney Daniel Wall has filed a stipulation to dismiss the singer’s lawsuit against AEG. Osbourne originally filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the company for “blackmail,” due to the company trying to use block-booking practices to get him to play at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. However, AEG has now decided to end that policy.

AEG commented:

“On Friday, Ozzy Osbourne dismissed the class action lawsuit he filed against AEG. This dismissal with prejudice is a victory for AEG. We were fully prepared to see the case through to vindicate our policy, but now that Osbourne has decided to dismiss with prejudice, the case is over.

Our policy was an appropriate, lawful and effective competitive response to Irving Azoff’s pressure tactics seeking to force artists into the Forum. If those tactics resurface, we will redeploy our policy as needed.

The Osbourne suit was instigated by Azoff and paid for by MSG and Live Nation. It was hatched on the back of an artist who we believe had no idea what he was biting off. The suit was a transparent public relations ploy that failed to pressure AEG into backing down from a booking policy that was an effective competitive response to the MSG-Forum tie.

It is no surprise that once AEG refused to back down, Azoff, MSG and Live Nation became eager to drop the case as soon as possible. They dismissed the case with prejudice after realizing AEG would aggressively defend it, costing them tens of millions of dollars and posing a source of embarrassment once their questionable tactics were exposed in the course of discovery and trial.”

Osbourne was supposed perform at the AEG owned O2 Arena in London on February 11, 2019, and as part of the deal AEG tried to say that if he had a Live Nation promoted indoor concert within 25 miles of Los Angeles, he would also have to play the AEG owned Staples Center. The frontman felt that was a violation of antitrust laws, which are supposed to stop businesses from getting a stranglehold on customers.

In a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, AEG said Osbourne could not claim anti-trust injury due to the policy tying the promoter to the agreement rather than the artist. Wall said the company was misleading the court and that they were aware that their policy makes artists play the Los Angeles venue whether they want to or not.


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