While She Sleeps Guitarist On New Album: “Some Of These Songs Have Got Us All Pretty Nervous, But That’s Exciting!”

During an interview with Metal Hammer, While She Sleeps guitarist Sean Long talked a bit about the band’s new album. According to him, the effort will be “heavy as balls” and that some of the tracks are getting them “pretty nervous,” which he says is “exciting.”

Long said the following about the band’s mindset:

“…There are a few things in there that you would never see coming. We’ve been quite inspired by a lot of stuff from our youth, that creeping sense of nostalgia that you seem to acquire as you get older, so there is a 90s feel – Green Day and Blink-182 and all those punk bands. Also, my mum used to listen to a lot of Clubland stuff, and there’s a bit of that in there too…”

He continued:

“I mean I think you’d struggle to hear it unless you were really looking for it, but I’m really bored by typical metal guitars at this point, so I always try to look for new types of music to pull from and use for how I write riffs. Daft Punk have been a really big influence as well, and Moby.”

He also added the following when asked if it will still be metal:

“Absolutely, it’s heavy as balls! We wanted to have the album cover be a ballsack with three balls in there. An extra helping of balls! We’re While She Sleeps and we’re always going to be heavy, but we don’t want to repeat ourselves.

We actually made a rule that we would only put stuff in if it scared us. And some of these songs have got us all pretty nervous, but that’s exciting!

That’s how music progresses! Too many of our bands are happy to tread water, and we’re not going to do that – we’re going to whip our balls out and put them on the table.”

You can read more at Metal Hammer.


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