New Faith No More Biography “Small Victories: The True Story Of Faith No More” To Be Released In September

Adrian Harte, who runs an unofficial Faith No More fan site (, has written a new biography on the band titled “Small Victories: The True Story Of Faith No More.” The 376-page book, which has been endorsed by the group, will be released on September 12 and it can be pre-ordered HERE. Bassist Billy Gould commented:

“When I first heard about this Faith No More biography, I didn’t know what to think. But I have to give credit where it is due. It’s a quality piece. The man has done his research, and it shows. It provided me with more than a few revelations… and I’m in the band.”

Here’s a synopsis:

“‘Small Victories…‘ tells how such a heterogeneous group formed, flourished, and fractured, and how Faith No More helped redefine rock, metal and alternative music. The book chronicles the creative and personal tensions that defined and fueled the band, forensically examines the band’s beginnings in San Francisco’s post-punk wasteland, and charts the group’s ascent to MTV-era stardom. Based on meticulous research and hundreds of interviews, the book combines a fan’s passion with a reporter’s perspicacity.”


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