Korpiklaani Premiere “Aallon Alla” Lyric Video

Korpiklaani have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Aallon Alla.” This track is from the band’s new album “Kulkija,” which will be released on September 7.

Founding member Jonne Järvelä commented:

“The melody of this song was written first, then I added the chords. First there was too much, but then I fixed that by simplifying it as much as possible. The electric guitar plays no riff of any kind, but it’s included with the bass only to support the violin, accordion and vocal melodies.

This song definitely wouldn’t work for Yngwie Malmsteen since this is a prime example of a song where less is more. Of course, there is a slight exception to that rule; it has a bit of a progressive part after the first verse, which is also something new and previously unheard on a KORPIKLAANI album. The drum arrangement however is very complicated through the whole song, although it may seem rather simple at first.”

A press release also added the following about the song:

A song of the drowning one. The lake and the sea are unpredictable. They are the oarsman’s grave. No wings or riches are of help when the drowning man falls into waves. The oarsman in the story cannot hear the cry of the drowning one. The waves can sometimes feel safe: they drift you silently towards eternity.


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