Austin Carlile (Ex-Of Mice & Men) Hospitalized For Spinal Fluid Leak

Austin Carlile (ex-Of Mice & Men) has been hospitalized once again due to complications related to his battle with Marfan Syndrome. He said the following about the latest issue, which involves spinal fluid leaking into his head:

“Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak (have had multiple of them in the past) collecting in my head this time around. Pouches of the fluid are accumulating between my skull & skin leading to swelling in different areas each day. Discover, drain, patch, assessment, repeat. Where, what, why? Infection of said spinal fluid? Intro: intravenous wide spectrum antibiotics administered daily. Observe. More blood cultures, observe. Currently on day five of this, two hospitals, MRI’s, CT scans, X-rays, EKG’s, ultra sounds, blood work, etc. I’m at Stanford University Hospital with my specialists once again for further observation & testing. Was just here Friday for sleep/pain study but had to return when another hospital team couldn’t help my unique case/situation. Another step. Another hurdle Marfan Syndrome throws in my way. Another day I get to kick it in the face & remind it that it doesn’t own me, nor can it keep me down for good 🕊👊🏼”



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