Huntress Guitarist Blake Meahl Pays Tribute To His Late Girlfriend & Bandmate Jill Janus: “I Will Always Carry A Piece Of You In My Heart”

Huntress guitarist Blake Meahl has written a tribute to his late girlfriend and bandmate Jill Janus, who sadly took her own life. He said the following:

“I don’t do much posting of things, and to post on something so personal and painful is extra strange but it feels necessary. Jill Janus and i spent 9 years together creating a home, having a family and building our passion project Huntress. The devastation of knowing I will never see her again is the most gutting emotion i have ever experienced. Baby, I hope you have found the peace that you couldn’t find on this planet. I miss you so much and will always carry a piece of you in my heart. See you on Aldebaran.”


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