Korn’s Jonathan Davis Clarifies His Recent Comments Regarding Munky & Head Working With “Different People”

Korn’s Jonathan Davis recently made headlines after saying “Munky and Head have been writing with different people” for the band’s next album. Now, during a recent interview, he clarified his comments, saying that they have just been working with different producers, not songwriters. Here’s what he had to say:

“[Munky and Head] been working with a couple of different producers. I fucking hate the Internet, man. I say, ‘Hey, the guys have been working with a couple of people,’ and they say, ‘Oh, now they’re using writers, and they suck.’ I fucking hate it! They’re working with two producers. We’re writing everything. And when I get done with this [solo] tour, I’m gonna go back, I think, in July for a couple of days and start working with them. We’re just working on music. It’s just how it works. We’re still writing our own music. It’s all good. No worries, man — no worries.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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